Event Recap: Website Launch Party

Wow! What can I say? What can I write? Last night’s What’s on Westport Website Launch Party was an amazing display of support from all of you and I couldn’t be more thankful!

It was standing room only at the Westport Brewing Company, full to the brim with smiling faces and lots of laughter. The energy was palpable and all the kind words of support was truly overwhelming.

If there was ever any question of why we were doing this, all the doubts were laid to rest last night. The story of What’s on Westport officially begin last night, with the support of all of you.

Thank you to all that helped organize the event; to everyone that came and enjoyed a pint (or two) and especially to everyone that left on the promise to help spread the word. I am forever grateful.

I hope you’ll enjoy a few photos I took during last night’s event.


The Westport Harbour was looking extremely peaceful last night.

Which set the stage for a fantastic evening at the Westport Brewing Company

John Pringle (aka the Espresso Shot Guy) organized a group game of Rock, Paper, Scissors that had everyone laughing and cheering each other on.

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