Event Recap: Westport Ladies Night

Event Recap: Westport Ladies Night

The village was hopping last night! Almost 20 different shops and services offered special promotions for the first ever Westport Ladies Night. If you were so inclined, you could get a mini-facial at The Victorian; a hand massage at Seasons of Westport; head on down to Isidora’s for a quick knitting/crocheting session; snack on some seasoned made-to-order chicken and sample Scheuermann’s wines at Rosie Yumski’s; do some shopping at The Pinecone’s yard sale; sample craft beer and other goodies at the Westport Brewing Company; and end your night at The Cove for their Blues on the Rideau (if you had a ticket of course – I heard it was sold out!). That would have been a pretty full night as it was and that was only visiting 7 places!

It was great to see so many women wandering the downtown, laughing and smiling. If that was an indication as to how the event was going, I think it’s a good sign!

If you do have any comments/suggestions of how we can improve the event going forward, we’d love to hear from you. You can comment on this post below, or send us a message through our Contact Page. And make sure to continue to visit What’s on Westport as there are loads of events like Ladies Night happening in our village throughout the summer.

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