Event Recap: Scheuermann Community Harvest

Event Recap: Scheuermann Community Harvest

Annual traditions. Lending a helping hand. Building a community and working together. These are some of the values that come to mind when I think of the Scheuermann Community Harvest.

As the air gets crisp and the long Summer days shorten into cool but vibrant Autumn ones, everyone seems to be doing their inevitable Winter preparations. No one likes to admit it, but Winter is coming.

But before it gets here, the folks over at Scheuermann Vineyard + Winery hold their annual harvest which usually spans over a couple of weekends in October. Last weekend, the weather was a bit temperamental but today was a bright (but chilly) morning, eventually turning into a great day to be outdoors. Today everyone was harvesting the Vidal grapes which will soon be processed into one of Scheuermann’s signature wines.

Even though I was feeling under the weather and I couldn’t stay as long as I wanted to, it was a great day to document so many friends and family gathered together for a common cause.

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