Breathe Well Yoga – Winter 2021 Series

Journey Fitness + Wellness 104 Alpine Lane, Westport

Improve your breathing, improve your health. This class is breath-centric and will focus on yoga poses that help open up the spaces of the shoulders, chest and lungs. Breathing well can help alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression leading to improved sleep, focus, energy, overall health and...


Westport Workshops – Part Two


The Village of Westport will be hosting part two of their "Westport Workshops" series on January 27th at 7pm. This virtual event will be live on the Village's YouTube page. On this evening, the topic will be "Combatting Discrimination & Harassment: The Science Behind Implicit Bias."

Espresso Shots Live – Season 2


Espresso Shots Live is back for Season 2! Tune in each and every week on Wednesday night from 7:30-8pm. John Pringle brings the latest local news and discussions, special guests and the now famous meteorologist Happy McSunny to your devices for your viewing pleasure. Interact live with the show by commenting on the live stream on...