Pinecone’s garden and shed is a well kept secret. But, once you discover it you will find an interesting array of hand picked outdoor products to beautify your yard and gardens.

Pinecone’s building is over 100 years old. A few years ago it was on it’s last legs. An engineer was within weeks of closing us down. So, with his help we expanded and redesigned the inner structure of the building, while keeping the essence of the old store intact. That ambience and our choice of products makes this store one of the most loved stores for many of our customers. We hear everyday, “this is my favourite store” or “I love Pinecone.” We take the responsibility of keeping it the way she wanted very seriously. “What would Deborah do?” Is a saying we live by. Her aesthetics and style permeate the store, From soaps to fashion for night and day, jewelry, handbags, deer and moose skin ballet slippers, her style is still here. Her love of cottage, the lake and her home is represented in all our household goods and gifts. Her joy of children is seen in her choice of books and plush toys. From hats to cats, what she loved is what we love. Pinecone is Deb’s store, it always will be. Come in and say hello!

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