Jake by the Lake Westport Tee Shirt Reveal

Jake by the Lake Westport Tee Shirt Reveal

Every year on Canada Day, Jake by the Lake-Life is Good reveals a Westport-inspired tee shirt to help commemorate the start of Summer, Canada Day and #lifeisgood.

Here’s the backstory:

The Water in Westport

Ask any local in Westport how they feel about the water that surrounds the village and most would say they couldn’t live without it. Whether they swim, boat, canoe, kayak or simply enjoy the view, the water provides a cool serenity in the heat of the Summer.

Our new Westport Life is Good tee, launching on Canada Day, is a tribute to the water and scenic views around our shop in the heart of the village. Available in two colours each for men and women, we know that you’ll love this year’s design. Visit us in-store or online on Canada Day to check it out.

More Vintage Collection tees, inspired by graphics over the past 25 years, have also arrived in store. New designs for men, women, kids and toddlers can be seen here.

Happy Canada Day! Life is Good!

Here are a few photos from the reveal:

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