Have You Been to the Westport Market?

Have You Been to the Westport Market?

This year has been a strange year for most, including the Westport Market. They received notice very early on into COVID-19 that they wouldn’t be able to open in 2020. Then things shifted and they would be able to open, under the 10 person gathering policy, making it a very small event. As we head through the Summer months, things have changed yet again and in case you didn’t know, the Westport Market is in full swing now.

From 9am to 2pm every Saturday, you can enjoy local bakers, business owners, craftspeople and artists all in one location! The weather was beautiful when I visited last Saturday and it was so good to catch up with friends and colleagues again. I wore a mask, even though it’s an outdoors event, and I would suggest you do too. Protect each other and protect our community. No COVID-19 cases here in Westport, let’s keep it that way.

I love Howie’s hat like the rest of you but doesn’t he look great in this photo, serving up his Perogies to the masses?

Soho’s Greenhouse had a wide variety of veggies and preserves for sale. Gotta love those PERFECT tomatoes, grown right here in Westport!

Matthew from Little Rideau Farm has been a staple of the Westport Market since its inception. I was a little late and didn’t get to try their Maple Syrup Mustard but I do love their Maple Syrup Vinegar. It’s great on all those summery salads you’ve been having!

Paul from Westport Wood (also the man behind the Westport Market) is a master woodworker, creating stunning pieces of art out of wood. Plus, doesn’t he look relaxed in his lawn chair? He was MADE for Saturday morning markets!

The ladies from ORNA-METAL displayed their artwork (seen above) that’s designed and fabricated out of metal. They had many pieces on display but were also talking with people at their booth about custom orders too. Make sure to stop by and check them out.

The Friends of the Westport Library (FoWL) had a booth with many, many books. As you can see from the photos above, it was a big hit and all proceeds go straight back to supporting the Westport Library.

New Life Thrift also had a booth setup and it was great to see Lexi again (who can never stop smiling BTW, how does she do it?

Finally last but not least, a stop over at the Melting Moments Bakeshop booth for a few sweet treats. I was told I was too late for their famous butter tarts (*sigh*) but everything else was delicious. Make sure to stop by the Market to see what they have available or walk on down to their shop in Westport (at the entrance to the harbour). I hear their pizzas are not to be missed!

The Westport Market runs every Saturday from 9am to 2pm, through into September.

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