Espresso Shots Live

Espresso Shots Live

Last Wednesday, John Pringle from The Cottage Coffee House/Sugarbush Productions invited me on to his weekly live internet show “Espresso Shots Live” to talk about What’s on Westport and to share some great conversation. Once we got the technical flubs out of the way (we tested EVERYTHING beforehand, I promise!), we were good to go. John has graciously edited out the first couple of minutes so you don’t have to scroll through the crickets to get to the good stuff.

John was kind enough to offer his platform to discuss all good things with What’s on Westport, how the pandemic affected us, how the Summer has turned around, and what’s next. We did have a great conversation and I hope you’ll take a few moments (maybe over a good cup of coffee….or a scotch like we did) to enjoy the video.

Don’t forget to tune in every week for new guests and of course, Happy McSunny! Love that guy!

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