20 Questions with The Pie Bar

20 Questions with The Pie Bar

Stacy Blair of The Pie Bar fame is first up with her answers to our 20 Questions Quiz. Stacy makes amazing sweet and savoury treats available from her bake shop on Saturday mornings. Some of our favourites include chocolate croissants, savoury pulled pork hand pies and when we can get our hands on them, the Salty Honey pie (aka the crack pie). Stacy is busy concocting new spins on classic treats and we can’t wait for her shop to open again in the spring.

For now, enjoy getting to know Stacy a little better by perusing her answers below.

  1. Question: If your life had a soundtrack, what would the “hit single” be?
    Answer: Mommy Rhapsody 😂
  2. Q: Early bird or night owl?
    A: Usually early bird, but lately all-night-owl!
  3. Q: Favourite spot in Westport?
    A: Sitting on the red Adirondack chairs under the willow tree on the island in the harbour!
  4. Q: You’ve just won a million dollars. What will you do next?
    A: Take a trip to France to learn all I can about French baking techniques… That, and build a mud room closet big enough for 7 people!
  5. Q: Beatles or Rolling Stones? (Or Nirvana/Pearl Jam for you younger folk…)
    A: Beatles!
  6. Q: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
    A: An Aerospace Engineer! I did my first year in Aerospace and then switched to civil engineering because I preferred designing things that didn’t move!
  7. Q: Have you ever won a trophy or award? If so, what for?
    A: I placed 2nd in the National Engineering Competition in 2004… Last year I earned a grant for my bakery business that 20 other business’ were competing for! I had to pitch my business ‘Dragons Den’ Style! My 7 year old constantly reminds me she has won the pie baking contest in Westport 2 years running and I have not!
  8. Q: Worst hair cut/fashion mistake you ever made?
    A: From 2001-2005 I kept my hair cut short. In its prime it was about an inch long!
  9. Q: Favourite breakfast food?
    A: When I’m in the bakery it is chocolate croissants (plural) but when I’m in the house it is over night oats with berries! And coffee… Lots of coffee!
  10. Q: If you could go back in time and give your younger self a piece of advice, what would it be?
    A: Follow your heart because life is too short to be doing something you don’t enjoy!
  11. Q: Favourite season?
    A: Autumn!
  12. Q: Who is your biggest hero/inspiration/role model?
    A: I’m going cliche here – Julia Child and Martha Stewart!
  13. Q: If you could be famous for something, what would you want it to be?
    A: Holding the world record for shaping the most croissants in 1 minute!
  14. Q: What is your favourite smell?
    A: Lavender and croissants in the oven
  15. Q: Are you born and bred in Westport? If not, what inspired you to adopt it as your hometown?
    A: I was born and bred down the road in Elgin. I moved to Nova Scotia for University and thought I’d fall in love with a Sailor… but instead a fell in love with a boy from high school who brought me back home to Westport!
  16. Q: Dogs or cats?
    A: Dogs, hands down!
  17. Q: What is your favourite thing about your career?
    A: I love that every day is different and that I can be as creative as I feel like being.
  18. Q: Who would you want to play you in a movie about your life?
    A: Rachel McAdams
  19. Q: What do you like best about living and working in Westport?
    A: Westport is a special place full of kind, caring people. I think that is what takes the village to the next level! The town and surrounding areas are full of beautiful treasures – from Foley Mountain to the Rideau Canal! I love that when I tell someone where I am from their first response is “What a beautiful little village!”
  20. Q: Snack or junk food you can’t resist?

Thanks Stacy for humouring us with your answers. We think Rachel McAdams would be an amazing choice to play you in your movie. She seemingly can do anything….just like you 😉

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