Free Outdoor Adventure Kits from Foley Mountain

Free Outdoor Adventure Kits from Foley Mountain

It’s time to get out and experience everything great about winter…while it’s still here. We could all use a little more time outdoors and certainly a lot more time with our families. Here’s your FREE ticket. Foley Mountain Conservation Area have put together a Free Outdoor Adventure Kit that will help you spend some quality time with your family outdoors. The kits include materials and instructions to identify and follow animal tracks in the snow, explore the wonderful world of snowflakes, do an experiment with a jello mouse, create a backyard bird feeder, make snow ice cream and more.

From the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority’s website:

“This is just another way we’re keeping connected with local families and promoting outdoor education,” said site supervisor Rebecca Whitman. “We hope people will be inspired to get outside more and enjoy all the fun winter has to offer.”

Supported through donations by Friends of Foley Mountain, The Rideau Lakes Township, Kudrinko’s and the 5 Rideau Lakes libraries and Westport Library.

Only 100 kits are available so make plans to pick up your kits soon. Available now.

For more information, please visit the RVCA website.

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