Westporch Fest 2023

Westporch Fest 2023

It’s been one month since Westporch Fest 2023 came and went and I’m still awash in all the great memories from the day. The community, the musicians and all the volunteers made this PorchFest the best one yet! 16 porches spread out throughout the village provided the day’s entertainment on what turned out to be a wonderfully warm (and rain-free) September Saturday. Everywhere I turned, I was greeted with a smiling face. The spirit of why John Pringle and I started Westporch Fest was centred around getting out and celebrating life (and good music) with your neighbour, your friend, and your loved ones. I’m so happy to have felt all that love one hundred fold again this year.

In case you missed this year’s event, you can relive the day through the photos below. And mark your calendars, Westporch Fest 2024 is tentatively set for Saturday September 21st. We’ll meet you on the porch yet again.

A big thanks to Dana Ruprecht for her continued support and photo/video contributions throughout the day. She did a wonderful job.

And of course, to John Pringle – THANK YOU for everything you do, year-after-year, to make this event an amazing experience in our little village.

Enjoy the photos below….and fair warning, there are A LOT of them! Click on any image to make it bigger 😎