Cove Dweller

Welcome! I’m Chris, founder of Cove Dweller, a Lakeside Lifestyle Company. Over the years it has become my passion to share our version of today’s Lakeside Lifestyle with you, our guest. The experience of growing up in The Rideau Lakes area and the impact of the region itself, has allowed me to call this beautiful area home. It’s a destination we hope that you will come to love as well. At Cove Dweller Vacation Rentals, we offer Modern-Rustic Lakeside Retreats for your enjoyment; at Cove Dweller Boat Works, we offer vintage boat tours, rowing and sailing craft rentals, boat sales and wooden boat building courses.

Cove Dweller Vacation Rentals creates top tier, modern-rustic lakeside retreats that are rooted in nature with a focus on low environmental impact, upscale amenities, modern design, luxury, privacy, comfort and ease of use. Cove Dweller Boat Works creates a unique nostalgic experience out on the water by supplying hard to find, vintage, power, row and sail boats for sale and rent.

Through each division at Cove Dweller, we focus on today’s Lakeside Lifestyle Experience and offer unique venues for family and friends to relax, recharge & reconnect! We believe that an escape to any one of Cove Dweller’s modern-rustic retreats or enjoying a day out on the water in one of our Vintage Watercraft’s is an opportunity to build lasting memories with friends and family. See you at the lake!

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