Lake Effects

In fact, Lake Effects is the Biggest dealer of Canadian Recycled Plastic Chair’s and furniture in Eastern Ontario. This outdoor furniture is heavy duty and does not need to be stored inside for the winter. It is the strongest, most comfortable, and most durable of any furniture of its kind.

When we were looking for a concept for the store we found the wooden relief maps that could be made of any lake. We started with ten local lakes, now we have fifty lakes. Once we have the art work for each lake we put it on Clocks, Cribbage boards, Mugs, Shirts, Hats and more. The big wood map was our first sale and we continue to sell and make any lake in the world!

We also have designs for Westport and Rideau Canal T-shirts and Hoodies. Plus we are proud to have the Trade Mark for clothes emblazoned with our “CottageGirl” label.

We have a lot of good stuff! We have signs, we have glasses for wine, we have mugs, we have toys and games with bugs. We have earrings, necklaces and ankle bracelets. Try a pair of Sox with pictures and some that have sayings that make them dirty socks. They are so popular, we have a huge selection.

Come in, have a gander and then have a seat!

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