Trevor Connell Photography

Trevor Connell Photography is relatively new to the area, having moved here just a short 4 years ago. In his thirteenth year of business, Trevor has photographed all over Ontario for personal and corporate clients alike. Specializing in business product and lifestyle photography, live event and fine art photography, Trevor has a keen eye for the “unguarded moment” and is able to capture scenes with great understanding and compassion.

Trevor further specializes in helping small businesses realize their full growth potential through not only photography, but branded art direction, web development, social media promotions and print management too. Some recent local projects include the photography, branding and website development for The Victorian and the photography and online shop development for Seasons of Westport. Trevor maintains and creates the content for What’s on Westport, and can often be see at local events, with camera in hand and a friendly smile on his face.

For more information about the services offered by Trevor Connell Photography, please use the contact info at the left.