Westporch Festival 2022

Westporch Festival 2022

Another year of Westporch Fest has come and gone. For many of you that were worried we couldn’t top last year, we did it! We had more porches, more people and more smiling faces in our little village than ever before. The weather was perfect again and the day’s events didn’t disappoint.

Whether you were munching on one of the 170+ tacos that were served at the kick-off party; or you sang your heart out at the Karaoke bar with James Kirkham; or maybe you took one of the cutest dogs home from the Adopt A Pet porch; or you enjoyed the music of all the amazing artists that played at Westporch, it was because YOU showed up, participated and enjoyed yourself that we are so thankful for. Westporch Fest was a success because of you!

Having absolutely drove myself into the ground last year trying to get around and get photos of all the porches, I learned my lesson. This year I had help: my wife Dana covered a large portion of the porches while I did the rest. A BIG thank you to her for all her amazing images you’ll see in one of the galleries below.

For those of you patiently waiting to hear who won the 2022 People’s Choice porch, here are your top three (4):

  1. AND WINNER was Location #19: Mike Cochrane & Fred Pringle at the Stray Cat Inn
  2. Location #14: Tom Savage (and band) at the Pit Crew
  3. Location #20: Savannah Shea at the Gurr Real Estate Group
  4. Honourable Mention Location #15: The 4 Classic Country Ladies

Thank you to all that took the time to vote. Another thank you to all the porches and the community members who helped make this event a success.

Finally thank you to my partner in crime, John Pringle of Rideau Lakes Radio. We’re sort of an odd pairing to get an event like this done every year but somehow we do. Thank you for all your efforts in making year 2 of Westporch the success it was.

That’s all for us for 2022. I’m sure we’ll be back at it again next year. Stay tuned for more.

Meet you on the porch!

Photos in the gallery above courtesy Trevor Connell

Photos in the gallery above courtesy Dana Ruprecht