Watercolour Westport by Land Ark Homes

Deciding to build a new community in Westport has been a journey of time and care. No one arrives at a destination without planning and purpose and ours began over 20 years ago when we arrived in the area and developed the nearby community of Badour Farm. Our vision is simple – to craft a purposeful community that enhances the wellness of all that reside there.

Stephen Rolston, Owner Land Ark Homes, Founder Watercolour Westport

The longing we share is simple: to belong and be a part of creating a walkable and connected neighbourhood that will enchant people, foster a strong sense of community, and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Watercolour has been developed around the walkable pedestrian-friendly tenets of Traditional Neighbourhood Design (TND) made famous by Andrés Duany and his architectural firm DPZ and the association he helped found, Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) and the book he wrote The Smart Growth Manual.

Watercolour Westport will also create an opportunity for homeowners to leave a lasting legacy of environmental stewardship. Our homes are Net Zero Energy Ready with remarkable features to make them healthier, more energy efficient and provide greater comfort and peace of mind to home owners. Beyond standard quality we are meeting next generation guidelines with forced air high efficiency air source heat pumps for heating and cooling, high efficiency air source hot water tanks that are owned and not rented, tighter construction seals across joints and better insulation in walls and floors. Homes will also be solar panel and battery back up ready for homeowners who want to be energy independent.

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