20 Questions with The Cottage Coffee House

20 Questions with The Cottage Coffee House

Continuing the theme of “sweet treats,” today we are going to feature the answers to our 20 Questions Quiz from John Pringle of The Cottage Coffee House. John has “multiple roles” in the village: providing the best coffee (and other sandwiches and treats) at Cottage Coffee, hosting his local social media show Espresso Shots Live every Wednesday at 7:30pm, and even squeezing in time to run his audio and visual company Westport Video. We’re not sure when he finds time to sleep but we’re so thankful for all that he does while he’s awake.

Enjoy his quiz answers!

  1. Question: If your life had a soundtrack, what would the “hit single” be?
    Answer: Minor Chords & Rusty Fords.
  2. Q: Early bird or night owl?
    A: Haven’t you heard that the birds the word, everybody knows that the birds the word! Early Bird.
  3. Q: Favourite spot in Westport?
    A: In Westport it’s definitely my backyard but just outside of Westport “Wild Thing Rock” on Wolfe Lake is my jam. 
  4. Q: You’ve just won a million dollars. What will you do next?
    A: In the words of Sir Paul McCartney…Give it all away to a registered charity, I’ll I need is a pint a day. 
  5. Q: Beatles or Rolling Stones? (Or Nirvana/Pearl Jam for you younger folk…)
    A: Hmmm, that depends on what you are asking here. When it comes to philosophy and harmony, I would most certainly pick the Beatles but when it comes to Rock & Roll it’s the Stones, hands down! Yeah, I know it’s only rock & roll, but I like it and wild horses couldn’t drag me away! 
  6. Q: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up
    A: I’m still a kid, so I’ll have to get back to you on that one. 
  7. Q: Have you ever won a trophy or award? If so, what for?
    A: Hardest Balls Trophy, I won it Bowling.
  8. Q: Worst hair cut/fashion mistake you ever made?
    A: Cutting all my hair off after graduation, in 1986.
  9. Q: Favourite breakfast food?
    A: Eggs Benny 
  10. Q: If you could go back in time and give your younger self a piece of advice, what would it be?
    A: “Johnny you shouldn’t have gone back in time, and gave yourself that advice, back in time”. That would most likely be the advice that I’d advise myself on.
  11. Q: Favourite season?
    A: I enjoy them all but as I age, I’m losing some love for old man winter.
  12. Q: Who is your biggest hero/inspiration/role model?
    A: Myself, as I don’t believe in heroes, inspiration comes from within and role models are merely reflections of ourselves; but If I had to pick one, it would be my dad.
  13. Q: If you could be famous for something, what would you want it to be?
    A: Curing “Greed”! 
  14. Q: What is your favourite smell?
    A: I have a few… Grape Bubble Gum, Fresh Cut Wood, Smokey Anything and Early Morning Fresh Air. 
  15. Q: Are you born and bred in Westport? If not, what inspired you to adopt it as your hometown?
    A: I’ve made bread in Westport before but was not born in Westport. Destiny brought me here, in search of the perfect sandwich.
  16. Q: Dogs or cats?
    A: Really, that’s a question, why are you only offering 1 choice? 
  17. Q: What is your favourite thing about your career?
    A: I love my boss.
  18. Q: Who would you want to play you in a movie about your life? 
    A: Sean Penn.
  19. Q: What do you like best about living and working in Westport?
    A: The commute.
  20. Q: Snack or junk food you can’t resist?
    A: The 3-C’s…Chips, Chocolate Bars & Coffee.

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