Life is Good Westport (Jake by the Lake)

Life is good in Westport…

“The journey is the destination”, hands down, the most powerful message woven into the fabric of the Life is good philosophy. In 2007, what I thought was just another average day in my life, another left turn that could have been right or wrong, lead me into “Jake” at a Life is Good Shop. Not fully understanding who Jake was or what he meant, it is difficult for me to articulate my experience but I knew one thing for sure, my life changed forever that day!

The summer 2007 was a difficult time for both my husband and I, John had recently resigned from his professional life and I was struggling to find the good in my career path. Change arrived when I met Jake, I clearly remember entering and exiting the Life is good Shop and my husband John turned to me, put his hand on my shoulder and said “everything is going to be ok”. Even though I have known this since I was a little kid, that things are what we make them to be, some reason this experience validated my belief. I truly believe that Optimism is something we all have inside of us but often it gets clouded by obstacles and lost in the day to day distractions. I am now compelled to help others find their inner-optimist, and see the good; so this is the beginning of my journey… After much hard work and optimism John and I managed to open the first Canadian Life is Good Shop in Westport, Ontario. The doors opened on April 4, 2008, and I remember our first sale, it was an aqua soccer ball. So my journey began and quickly went from product, to people to promotions and events.


Selling tee shirts is the easy part, demonstrating optimism and leading by example is what I chose and I take that responsibility very seriously.

Yes, I certainly make sure that my business runs smoothly and can keep a balanced spread sheet but I am talking about our customers that depend on us, share their stories: celebrations of marriage and partnerships, the birth of a new born child, winning a battle with cancer, taking the courage to come into the shop at the one year anniversary of the loss of a child and celebrate in their life, taking a life journey to remember a loved one and visit the places that they held dear and plant some of their ashes in our flower pots, welcoming back summer residents who feel like they are “coming home” and can’t wait to share what has happened since we had seen them last. Customers (I call them my life is good family) continue to inspire the commitment to the Life is good philosophy each and every day. I want to hear and share your story.

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