Event Recap: Live Music with Jon VW

Event Recap: Live Music with Jon VW

The Westport Brewing Company had Jon VW come and perform on a hot, sweaty, busy Sunday afternoon. Jon performed a mix of his own original material and some reworked classics. The Brewery was packed (standing room only at times) with patrons enjoying a fresh brew, some great snacks and the music pumping through the building.

Jon VW uses an interesting foot pedal called the “Roland PS-5A.” When I checked out the Roland website, it described the pedal as being able to put “the excitement and versatility of live bass performance with full MIDI control within reach of any musician.” Jon seemed to use it to compliment his guitar playing, adding depth to his live performance without having to add another musician. I’ve always been interested in musicians who are multi-talented in this way because it takes a lot of skill, rhythm and (I’m assuming) practice to get it right.

Jon VW really is a wonderful performer and a big thanks to the Westport Brewing Company for featuring him and his music.

Below you’ll find Jon VW performing Bruce Springsteen’s “My Hometown:”

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